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Fancy Friction Folder, San Mai

Fancy Friction Folder, San Mai


This is one of a kind knife is hands down one of my favorite builds to date. The blade is a San Mai with a mosaic damascus core and a brass damascus jacket. File work of the spine to add to the overall look and feel. The handle has brass spacers that provide the base for the koa, blue died mammoth molar and carbon fiber/copper composite. These are held together with domed nickel pins in the mammoth molar, domed copper pin to hold the blade in place and finally a mosaic pin for the stop pin. The included leather sheath is the way to carry and protect this knife.

This Knife was evaluated and rated by Steve Schwarzer and given a 10/10!

Cutting edge- 3.25”

Overall length- 8”

Blade thickness- 0.237”

Folded length, including the tang post- 5.75”

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