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I offer a lifetime warranty on all my knives

I make these knives to be used and last forever. I can fix or repair most issues and damage. If the repair is not possible, then the knife will be replaced with a similar one as soon as possible. Please note that is for a similar knife and will not be an exact replica. Additions can be made at the customers request and cost. In the case, the knife was damaged due to misuse or improper care, then the customer will be responsible for the cost of repair. The warranty is void until the proper repair is completed. That being said, I will only charge for consumables, materials and my time with no up-charge. And I will discus all options prior to performing any work. 

  • Warranty will be void if care instructions are not followed or if the knife is used improperly. An example of misuse would be, using a chefs knife as a throwing knife.

  • Free sharpening is available once a year. Severe edge damage can be repaired but will fall under out of warranty cost and shop time will be charged if needed. This will be discussed with the customer prior to the work being performed. 

  • Sheaths and accessories do not hold the same warranty. Sheaths have a one year warranty. 

  • Warranty is transferrable with the certificate of authenticity. Replacement certificate can be made upon request and proof of purchase. 

Due to the nature of my products, I do not offer any returns or refunds. All sales, payments and deposits are final. 





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