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Knife/Blade Care Instructions

First off, thank you for purchasing one of my knives. if you have any questions, need sharpening, or need something fixed, please reach out to me at


Starting with the major don’ts:

  • Never put any knife in the dishwasher, regardless of steel. It will cause damage to the entire knife and can end up softening the edge. This will cause the knife to dull faster.

  • Never leave the handle material in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time. Like most things, the sun will cause fading and yellowing.

  • Never use abrasive products to clean, such as ajax or steel wool.

  • Never use the knife for something it was not intended for. If you’re throwing your chef’s knife at a tree, it will void the warranty. I can still fix it, but it will be at the customer’s expense.


Proper knife care:

  • For high carbon steel knives, they should be cleaned, dried and oiled/waxed immediately after contact with acidic foods, such as tomatoes, onions, and citrus fruit.

  • Store the knife in a well-ventilated, dry area.

  • Never put a knife away wet or leave it submerged in water.

  • Oil or wax the handle if it is wood.

  • Use only food grade oils or wax for knife care if the knife will be used for preparing food, such as Woodson Blade and Handle Wax or mineral oil.

  • Use a ceramic rod or stone to hone the edge frequently. For knives that are used daily, sharpening once or twice a week is good.

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